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VAT Relief

The information given here is for guidance and should be read in conjunction with relevant HMRC advice. A detailed explanation of the rules surrounding who is eligible to claim relief from VAT is available from the HMRC website. This document is called VAT Reliefs For Disabled People: Notice 701/7. (Click on the link to open their webpage in new page.)

Some New Products for sale by DisabledGear.com are eligible for zero rated Value Added Tax. Where this is the case, we will state it clearly in the full product listing, and if you are eligible for this relief then you can click the <<Zero Rate VAT>> button in the basket (yellow box on right hand side). This will automatically take the VAT off any eligible (but not necessarily all) items in your basket.

You will need to complete and sign an electronic self declaration form at Check Out, which will ask you to Sign (type) your name and list your disabling condition. If you have any doubts about this, please contact us by phone, email or post. 

Who can claim VAT Relief?

If you are disabled or have a chronic medical condition, you are eligible to claim relief from VAT. There is no need to register with HM Revenue & Customs. 

Buying from outside the UK, but within the EU?

If you are eligible, which chances are you do if you are buying our products for yourself, then you can also benefit from VAT relief (i.e. do not need to pay VAT). Just follow the steps outlined above. 

Buying from outside the EU?

If you are buying our products from outside the EU, then provided that we ship directly to you, outside the EU, so that we can show documentation to our Tax Office, you do NOT have to pay our VAT.

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