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All Terrain Boma7 Wheelchair

Boma7 All Terrain Wheelchair 

Originally hand-built by Bedfordshire-based Molten Rock, The Boma is now made in Scotland in the Cairngorms by Equal Adventure. The Boma7 is a powered all terrain wheelchair that is ideal for enjoying everyday activities: walk the dog, take the children to the park or join friends and family on a bike ride. It is available with a range of controls (including joystick / chin control), supports and accessories. The Boma has been designed for maximum inclusivity and can be enjoyed by almost anyone with a mobility impairment.

Molten Rock All Terrain Boma 7 Wheechair Being Enjoyed In Use on Woodland Track (Full Size)

The Boma has absolutely been designed with easy transferring in and out in mind. The handlebar and track rod can be removed so that the everyday chair can be brought right next to the Boma seat for sliding transfer. If you need a hoisted or lifted transfer, there are no obstacles making it quick and easy.

Transferring in and out of Molten Rock All Terrain Boma 7 is easy (Full Size)

The Boma was designed by wheelchair user Chris Swift. Chris was studying agricultural engineering at Harper Adams University College when he developed a neurological condition that left him tetraplegic. Rather than give up on his love of the outdoors, Chris and fellow student Jon Anders developed the Boma. Ten years on and Boma chairs are in use across the UK and abroad, including outdoors havens France, New Zealand and Australia, letting wheelchair users access and enjoy their local countryside. 

On typical off-road trails (e.g. farm ground with slight gradients, grass and mud) the Boma can cover approximately 12-16 miles on one set of batteries. Some longtime users recommend purchasing a second set of batteries giving the the option of a halfway swap and expedition extension. You can carry the extra batteries without effort in the Bob cycle trailer or a backpack.

Another helpful bit of information is that as a registered mobility device, the Boma is legally allowed on footpaths and bridleways. And, if you fit a ‘Class 3 Conversion Kit’, the Boma can be used on the road.

The Boma7 will fit in most MPV’s and larger estate cars e.g. Ford Mondeo. Simply remove the push bar using the quick-release catch. There is also the option of using a trailer to transport the Boma7. Alternatively, the Boma7 can be transported on a towbar mounted rack.

Equal Adventure has a long history of inspiring and creating inclusive expeditions and journeys. They continue to run Inclusive Expeditions. The Equal Adventure team weld, stick and create the electronics from start to end, and they also repair, service and provide parts for existing Boma customers for both the Boma 5 (Saft and Heinzman) and Boma 7. For more information, to buy or to try a Boma, click here for more information. The EA Team has taken their expedition ethos into the Boma:

  • Boma Tours
  • Boma Accessories
  • Trailers
  • Additional Batteries
  • Cosy Legs and Clothing
  • Boma Bags and Packaging
  • They also have a range of Field Toilet and Expedition Equipment that works with the Boma.

Lisa Crosby, the Editor of Mobilise, says of it: "You can’t judge a Boma Off Road Wheelchair by what you see in a brochure, on the internet or on a display stand… the Boma hardly seems like an off-roading wheelchair; it’s more like a go-kart. The chair is easy to access: a wheelchair user can pull up to the side of the Boma, it’s handlebar can be removed and the user can slide from one seat to another. I hurtled around in the long grass and felt a real sense of freedom."

And in an article by Ian Cook about Chris Blewden, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, he tells of the pleasure it gives him on p.30 of New Pathways magazine. If you want to ask more specific user-led questions about the Boma All Terrain wheelchair, head onto a forum and ask others who own and use one.

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