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What do we mean by this? If you offer Hospitality - Guest House, B&B, Hotel, Holiday Home - then you could be opening your market to many more potential customers by making your property, or at least one bedroom & bath or shower room (as well as living areas) in your property, accessible.

This need NOT be a scary, daunting or difficult task. The rewards of doing it right and having a helpful and welcoming attitude can be huge. There are too few places which work, so we tend to spread the word when somewhere does work.

Do your research BEFORE you start work. It'll mean getting it right. And if you are starting from scratch, it really needn't cost a huge amount extra or look "ugly" or clinical.

We intend to build this area into a useful information resource on making your property accessible with links and ideas to help you help us.

Think of it as a logical process which starts from your guest arriving at your property (hard, easy to wheel on surface or deep gravel acting as a tank trap?), going inside (level access or steps leading up to a narrow doorway?), moving around inside the property (clear routes around or furniture blocking routes?) and using the bedroom and bath or shower room (facilities positioned favourably for a wheelchair user or not?). 

Disability covers many, many different areas - wheelchair access, hard of hearing or vision, etc.. - so it's just a question of being logical and solving what problems you can in your own space. 

And if you have your own website, photos (or even video guide) speak a thousand words. I cannot stress this enough. Often with a photo and a few measurements, a potential customer will be able to know if it will work for them.

Things to consider:

  • Layout
  • Equipment
  • How to promote your accessible venue 

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