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Many people struggle with clothing and fashion because of their disability. They, mistakenly, believe that there is nothing out there - just because the High Street does not cater for people with disabilities, other than paying occasional lipservice by installing a bigger changing room with grab rails (and don't get me wrong: that IS a step in the right direction).

But we've been researching this one and it seems that there are a number of people and organisations passionate and doing something about this situation. So we want to list this underpromoted and unsung heros on this page, who are providing great adaptive clothing for wheelchair users and people with disabilities. There is a real focus on bringing mainstream fashion looks and choice to adapted clothes.

Rollitex UK 

Yes, top quality jeans and clothing for wheelchair users does exist. Found this page and don't know about Rollitex Wheelchair Jeans??? Shame on you! Click on either link to discover a mainstream world of choice for wheelchair users. These jeans are made in the same factories, using the same fabrics as brands like Pepe, Diesel, Lee and True Religion. So you can be assured of top notch wear which will give the right image whether they're for work, play or going out. There is a huge choice from this market-leading, Berlin based, fashion house. They have a no quibble returns and exchange policy. Try a pair and see what makes them so special and why they command such a loyal and happy customer following. 

XENI Collection
"...is a young fashion label designing, manufacturing and retailing online couture quality clothing specifically designed for women who use wheelchairs and clothing and jewellery for women who have difficulty with the manipulation of clasps, buttons and zips. We are unique in using magnets for fastening, and cut away seats for ease of dressing. In addition we offer trousers tailored for either a sitting or standing person. We offer standard sizes but are willing to accommodate your special needs."

Xeni Collection Fashion Designed by Ann Oliver who has Multiple Schlerosis for women with disabilities (max250)
"With LegaWear, you can buy clothes the easy way! All clothes are tailored based on your own measurements. First, get a tape measure. Then design your clothes completely after your own taste - clothes that will fit you perfectly. Click your way forward to something that suits you in colors and in design!

...LegaWear is based on the principle that everyone, regardless of their type of bodies, needs nice and fashionable clothes. LegaWear started in 2005, and when introduced in Sweden, it was the first time that people with disabilities were able to buy suits that actually fitted, without being more expensive than for able-bodied people."
Heels with Wheels is a US based company run by a full time wheelchair user Angela Irick. She says:
"Heels with Wheels is a women’s fashion line that is dedicated to helping other women who have been through a life changing experience see their ability, not their disability."
Clothing Solutions 

"...is a project which aims to both understand and meet the clothing needs of disabled people. Clothing Solutions is a registered charity, and offers information, advice and a garment production/alteration service. We can offer solutions to most clothing and dressing issues whether concerning, shape, size, proportion, access and fastenings, fabric technology and care."

Endless Ability is another new US company to come to the market, providing more mainstream fashion choice for wheelchair users. We haven't seen or tried their products, so cannot vouch for them, but want to let you know they exist. Here's what they say about themselves:

"Our clothing brings comfort and accessibility, and yet remain fashionable, allowing those who wear our clothing to feel great. We wish to provide products that enable the user to gain a strong feeling of confidence and independence."

Capr-Style is a new Scottish company whose mission is "to produce a complete line of clothing, a whole wardrobe that solves the daily challenges of dressing disabled children, young and old, bringing them fashion and style, and with the carers needs discretely incorporated into the items."

Downs Designs Dreams are a clothing brand designed for people living with Downs Syndrome who say their clothing range "provides people with Down syndrome proper fitting jeans that are comfortable, easy to get on and off and stylish. Our jeans are more than just taking up a hem, we take design a step further. Our designs fit appropriately at the knees, have elastic waistbands with no button or zippers and there are no tags that can irritate the skin. Our unique "Dip Down" styles solve another major issue for those with Down syndrome. We promise that rolling up pant legs will no longer be a problem because each pair is hemmed to order. With our exclusive Try-On Service, we guarantee a perfect fit for all our customers with Down syndrome. We have future plans to provide other styles of pants, sportswear and more."

For people living in the US and Canada, you may find this link to USA Tech Guide helpful.

Rolli Moden is a different company to Rollitex, although they are both German. They sell many of the same products - although they manufacture in a different factory - which makes it very easy to compare the price, quality and customer service of the two companies and their products. They are based in Germany, so all returns must go back to Germany, unlike Rollitex which has UK customer service. 

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I am aware that there are a number of companies and organisations offering adaptive clothing which is helpful and practical, but on this page I am trying to list those companies that are concerned with fashion and bringing mainstream style, elegance, fabrics and choice to disability. For more information on adaptive clothing, alterations and suppliers, have a look at this Disabled Living Foundation Factsheet

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