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Scam Attempts

Please also read our ANTI-FRAUD page as this may support your own gut instincts as to whether someone is bogus. Remember: the rule of thumb is simple: If it doesn't seem right, it probably isn't.

If you receive an email / approach that seems suspicious, or if you have dealt with someone who started out seeming geunine but turned out to be a scammer, PLEASE LET US KNOW so that we can ensure they are blocked from this site. 

We are continually making changes in the way we work our website to help to protect you, but ultimately YOU are responsible for keeping YOU safe. Understand how scammers work and what are common scams and you will ensure that you don't lose out to fraud.

There are a large number of very safe and successful transactions via this website helping both buyers and sellers. However, please:

  • Beware of overseas buyers who readily agree a price without seeing what they are buying.
  • Any buyer who sends a cheque for more than the agreed amount and asks you to send cash to them, a shipping company / agent, or anyone else is most likely committing a well known scam. Once the cheque has bounced, you will find yourself with your item stolen and out of pocket for the cash you gave to the "collecting agent".
  • Check the URL in the web browser. A tactic often used by fraudsters is to change the address very slightly (if they’re spoofing an eBay site, for instance, they may have an address such as ‘. . . @ebayz.com’ whereas the real site is ‘. . . @ebay.com’)

For an A-Z of fraud have a look at the Action Fraud website's A-Z Guide.

Below are scammers emails and email addresses received by Registered Users posting on this site (written as they are received). They seem unlikely as genuine responses, and are most likely scam attempts to defraud the recipients of money. We have posted them here, so that you can read through and avoid falling victim to scam.

  • Steven Coleman - drstevencoleman@yahoo.co.uk
  • danielmila16@yahoo.com
  • macbrianjohnson1959@yahoo.com and telephone: 07024045991. 
  • nknick9@gmail.com
  • jessb28@live.com
  • Raj122@aol.com
  • jame.brown84@yahoo.com

>> More scam attempt email addresses. Press Delete. Do not reply.

From: jspec@zav.att.ne.jp

Warning Note from a DisabledGear.com User - Just a note to inform you, that this company (below) is another scam. They were asking for copies of registration document and when challenged they ceased their pursuit:

Jspec Works/ KMG,Inc. 
KEI MORIMOTO / Steve Weinberg 
TEL 81-50-3009-8644/FAX 81-3-3708-3600 
CEL 81-90-5216-3872 

Please make your readers aware  


>> Another scam attempt. DHL shippers have their own domain name (e.g. sales@dhl.com)! DO NOT REPLY to these types.

From: john.david68@yahoo.com

Goodday to you, i am Mr David,i saw ur Advert posted for sale.If is still available, kindly reply to this email with the Last offer,the price £2500 is okay by me, i we pay you by cash and i do hope is condition is okay as advertised.Though i am not around now,but i will forward you the payment and my shipper will come over for the pick up. 
Full name, full address and personal contact telephone number in order For 
us to begin shipment of your order. mail my shipping your address to location to your place....my shipping agent contact email: dhlglobal40@yahoo.com 
Full name ...... 
Full address ......... 
Zip code:...................... 
Telephone ............... 
We await your quick response. 
Thanks & Best Regards.



>> Another attempt of the same style. Cheque / bankers draft scam. DO NOT REPLY to these types.

From: walker.smith58@yahoo.com

Hello seller, 
I just saw your ad on Tilt And Stand Table for sale which price is £500 and i"m seem to be most interested in buying it. Say,is it possible to have a few pics sent to me via email? Hope payment with Bank draft/cheque is acceptable. 
Await to read from you, 



>> This is the 2nd email one registered user received. It's not a two way conversation, and a cheque is a very unsafe method of payment from someone you do not know. Mention of a shipping agent to come over and collect the item is introducing a common scam. In this arrangement you would be completely unprotected. I would be suspicious of a foreign transaction:

From: benfrank07@gmail.com

Hello,Thanks for the response,the price £1,000 is okay by me and i do hope is condition is okay as advertised.Though i am not around now,but i will forward you the payment and my shipper will come over for the pick up.Let me know if Cheque is acceptable for payment,and get back to me with the name that will be on the Cheque ,your contact address country zipcode where to forward the Cheque  and your phone contact,so that i could forward you the payment for you as soon as posible.

NAME ON THE Cheque ..............
Address Country Zipcode...............
Phone Contact.........................
I await your urgent response.Best regards,
>> I have had reports now from many people. It would seem that this person is emailing everyone on the site.

>> And his 2nd reply to one user. Note he is now wanting to send a cheque for more than the amount so that you give him cash back via a Money Transfer Service (MoneyGram). With this method it is impossible to get your cash back once you realise you have been scammed. They often use an emotional appeal (here: he is in hospital) to make you feel bad. Remember, even after a cheque has cleared, it can be stopped and funds taken back out of your account. This is why a cheque is such an insecure form of payment from a stranger. In this case the original item was only selling for £350 - quite different from the £2,000 he is trying to steal!
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