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Who Can Benefit From CoolSport's Products?

The answer is ANYONE who works or plays in very warm, or hot environments. We came to these fabulous products because our customers recommended them to us. Many people with different health issues can struggle to regulate their body temperatures - preventing them getting on with life. These cool vests and accessories regulate body temperatures enabling you to continue with your day.

That said, our products are also perfect for those who work in commercial and industrial areas.

If your job (or sport) causes you to become uncomfortably warm to the point where your performance begins to lag due to HEAT STRESS, then CoolSport's line of (Phase Change Material Technology) body cooling vests are for you.

And they are also great We make aAnd the personal lines of Cooling Vests are also great for virtually all sports

Medical Uses:

Our Cool Vest Products have been proven to help many Multiple Sclerosis patients, and others with similar neurological illnesses, whose medical conditions cause them to be intolerant of the heat.

Heat Stress:

Heat stress causes slowed reaction time, reduced energy, difficulty with coordination and attention, weakness of muscles, reduced strength during heavy physical exertion and normal day to day activities. In a work environment, there is reduced safety, risk of injury, decreased efficiency and overall loss of productivity. Let's not forget personal comfort. What's the answer? CoolSport's Cool Vest products provide great relief for all of these symptoms of heat stress.

Cooling Vest Product Line:

Cool Sport's line of body cooling vests are designed to keep your body's core temperature within safe levels during physical exertion within high-heat environments. We have four primary designs; the Cool Vest Lite, the Cool Vest Classic, the Cool Vest Deluxe and the Motor Sport Cool Vest. Each of these vest models have their own design for comfortable wear without any restriction of movement. With our new (phase change material technology) cooling packs, our vests maintain a comfortable, safe and constant 62º F temperature against the body.

Long Lasting Cooling Effect:

The Cooling Vests have been proven effective for up to 2.5 hours. Keep in mind that effectiveness is a variable of ambient temperatures, workload and physiology, so yours may vary.

Easy To Recharge:

Unlike conventional ice and gel packs which take hours to freeze in a freezer, one of the most exciting features of the 62º F. phase change material technology Cool Packs are their ability to recharge in ice water within 20 minutes! The Cool Packs may also be recharged within a refrigerator or freezer and may be stored there without damage to the packs, until ready for use. You can keep a spare set of charged, individual Cool Packs on hand, in a portable cooler for quick and easy changeovers, with minimal downtime! 


CoolPacks are nontoxic as well as non-flammable. NOTE: Discontinue using cool pack and garment if the packs leak or are ruptured (call for replacements). Do not use the cool vest near sparks, hot objects or open flame without approved protective clothing over top.

What is Supplex®:

Whilst consumers like the feel of cotton, it has the downside that garments tend to shrink and colours fade. So the company INVISTA have developed Supplex® which gives the feel of cotton AND has the benefits of modern fiber technology:

  • Fully breathable
  • Able to hold its shape
  • Faster drying than cotton
  • Colour Fast


DisabledGear.com are winding down the trading side of the website, so no longer retail these. You can still buy direct from the manufacturer. Click on this link to open the Cool Sport website in a new window.

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