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Karen Darke - Pole Of Possibility 2011

28 April, 2010

An extraordinary journey, attempting what has never been done before: a journey by arm-power from the edge of the frozen Antarctic continent to the Geographic South Pole, and raising £1million for charities that help disabled and young people lead active, positive lives. Find out more about Karen Darke and this incredible challenge...

Nip About On A Nippi Disabled Rider Trike

20 April, 2010

If you're asking "What is a Nippi?" then say hello! to a three wheeled scooter, designed to allow wheelchair users to scoot around economically and independently. Second hand 2005 50cc Piaggio Typhoon based Nippi listed here...

Keep Fit With An Uppertone!

13 April, 2010

The UPPERTONE was designed and introduced in 1990 by a C4-C5 quadriplegic. It allows people with C4-C5 and below quadriplegia (tetraplegia) due to spinal cord injury to do all the necessary upper body exercises necessary for rehabilitation and maintenance, without any assistance. Buy one second hand here!

Save Money With A Second Hand Scooter

06 April, 2010

Find a healthy choice of scooters to suit a wide range of uses. Use the "Search by Distance" feature to find one close to you, so you can try it before committing any money. Or have you one to sell? Listing items is FREE here.

Have 28 Minutes? Want To Be Inspired?

01 April, 2010

Continue is a high definition project which shows the specialised equipment that removes any barriers to particpation after paralysis. Beautiful scenes and an original soundtrack help change the focus from disability to endless opportunity. Open the video in full screen mode, sit back and enjoy!

Buying Or Selling An Adapted Car?

30 March, 2010

List your adapted vehicles to reach your target audience, or if you're looking for a vehicle that's already been adapted, click on the link below to find out more... 

Protect Yourself From Fraud

19 March, 2010

Please be aware that 2 members have reported a recent attempt to obtain money from them by deception, pretending to be an Oceanographer at sea only able to use Paypal as a method of payment. Apparently this is a common scam. The email addresses used were bay_kay@yahoo.com & davidmarc007@yahoo.com. Take the time to read our Anti-Fraud page, and remember: if something doesn't sound quite right, it probably isn't.

Help Needed For Therapy Garden For Ptsd & Co

18 March, 2010

This project will provide a sustainable long-term therapeutic garden for some of the service men and women severely affected by PTSD and Combat Stress acquired when in active service.If you know anyone who might be interested in donating - please pass this on. Anything donated will go to this garden.

Support Blesma - Buy The Book.

10 March, 2010

Afghanistan: A Tour of Duty, the very first book of it's kind, which reveals a remarkable photographic portrait of the Afghanistan campaign, taken by a former Grenadier Guards officer operating from the front line in the Helmand province. All profits from the book will be donated to BLESMA.

Find Out About The Excellent Changing Places Campa

09 March, 2010

The Changing Places Consortium campaigns on behalf of those people who cannot use standard accessible toilets.This includes people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their carers, as well as many other disabled people.

Ever Considered Hand Cycling?

08 March, 2010

With signs of Spring in the air, and the weather improving, have you thought about hand-cycling as a sport? There are several hand cycles listed currently, and at a considerably smaller cost than they would be new...

Recycling High-Tech Body Implants.

23 February, 2010

We may recycle limbs but squeamish Britain is trailing the rest of the world when it comes to re-using pacemakers, dental implants and even body fat. (The Times: Health

Follow Us On Twitter

17 February, 2010

We're on Twitter. Follow us to get short updates on new features, new products and be the first to know when more styles & sizes come in on our range of jeans. http://twitter.com/disabledgear

A Beautiful Little Thing Called Free!

06 February, 2010

Many people just want those items they no longer need to go to a good home and help someone else. To bring the FREE items to the top of the list, just click on Search by Price. Also, if you're Logged In you can Search by Distance too, making a national website Local to you!

Fancy Getting Out More?

04 February, 2010

We're not just here for the everyday things in (disabled) life! Take a look at this fully adapted BMW R1100R Sidecar Outfit. "Because you WANT it!"

All Information Available Without Registration

26 January, 2010

You can browse through ALL 2nd hand items and NOW buy new products without registering. Free Registration enables you to use the "Search by Distance" feature in the 2nd hand section, and Opt In for occasional news and product updates. It is necesary for listing your 2nd hand items.

Attention: Forum Regulars And Members Of Disabilit

10 January, 2010

Help needed from all keen bloggers, forum users and members of disability organisations. Please pass on our FREE service for buying and selling 2nd hand disability equipment. Feedback is totally enthusiastic. As ever, the more people that know about it, the better it will work for everyone.

We Are Adding More Features!

01 January, 2010

We are continually adding features to make our great site even better, easier and clearer to use.  This will benefit visitors to both the FREE 2nd Hand section and those looking to buy from the New Products section. And we will use this space to tell you about all the great additions, features and new items coming online.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

01 January, 2010

We'd like to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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