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Closing Down Trading Message

Monday, 4th November, 2013

Effective immediately, DisabledGear.com will no longer be trading new products. However, the excellent and much needed Free-Ads service for buying and selling second hand disability equipment and mobility aids will continue as before, as a forum for used and pre-loved kit was the reason for creating this website.

Having sourced niche products which solved our problems and earned a loyal customer base in the UK and internationally, the good news is that we have not just cut and run! We have ensured that our products are available to buy elsewhere and most of the links have been redirected elsewhere. Below is also a list of items and redirects so that you can continue to find and buy them.

Rollitex Wheelchair Jeans >> http://www.rollitex.co.uk/ 
Premium brand quality jeans and clothing for wheelchair users. If you didn't know such a product existed then you need to click on the link and see what you could be wearing! Once you have tried one pair, like most of our customers, you'll throw out all your old mainstream jeans and trousers and restock with these. If you're asking yourself what's different or special about them, read our Rollitex information page.

Inflatable Toilet Seat Cushion >> http://www.dbtmedical.co.uk/rubber-products.htm 
The original and still the best, these hard wearing rubber lavatory seat cushions are ideal for paraplegics, tetraplegics, people with M.S. and others with pressure issues. They are designed to fit over a traditional toilet seat and provide the user with an effective pressure relief. Manufactured in the UK, one of these may be kept permanently at home, or deflated and carried round discreetly and inflated by an ordinary bicycle pump for use on any toilet when visiting friends, travelling or out shopping. You can buy these direct from the manufacturer, who is both knowledgeable and helpful.

Cool Sport Cooling Vests >> http://www.coolsport.net/index2.html 
There are a number of cooling vests available on the market. These are a top quality technical product which will cost a little more, but last longer and avoid you wearing damp clothes due to condensation or a wicking process. These were recommended to us by customers who asked us to import direct from the US manufacturers. Feedback has always been absolutely rave. You'll have to buy direct from the manufacturer now and our advice would be to buy a spare cooling pack when you do, so that you can be wearing one while the other cools. For more information, read our Cooling Vest Product Information Pages.  

Travel Shower Chairs and Bath Seats >> http://disabledgear.com/products/travel-shower-chair 
I am still working on a supplier for these and hope to be able to offer more information shortly. In the meantime, if you are interested in one of these, please send me an email. 

Permafleece Foot, Heel & Ankle Protectors >> http://www.parkhouse-hc.com/about/contact.html 
These are the products that we used to sell and you can contact them direct for their retailers. My advice to anyone looking for such a product would be to seek professional medical advice. If you have pressure sores or skin hotspots, go and see your GP. Ask for an immediate referral to see the local dressings nurse. They exist and are very knowledgeable on the subject. This is their job! Finding one of these completely sorted me out after a long and frustrating period dealing ineffectively with the problem on my own.  

I also whole-heartedly recommend the other KANDU organisations and businesses as user-led, recommended & helpful people to deal with: 

As always, if you have any questions, please do email me and I will do my very best to help.

Best wishes



Guy Harris


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