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Guy Harris is the Founder of DisabledGear.com website (Full Size)

Message from the Founder:

Welcome to DisabledGear.com, the place to buy and sell second hand disabilty equipment and mobility aids online! I created this website to be a practical alternative to the expense of new, and address many of the frustrations I have experienced in my years of paralysis.

This website has been working well, serving our registered and non-registered users since 2009. I enjoy learning where DisabledGear.com has made a difference, including one user's tilt table going to Greece and a young double-amputee (diabetes) regaining her independence with the donation of a power chair which she couldn't afford to buy while she was confined in a care home for elderly people, as her local council couldn't find appropriate accommodation.

In order to invest in further development and increased functionality - whilst ensuring the service remains FREE for everyone - we came under new ownership in December 2014.

The people behind Complete Care Shop completely understand the value and ethos behind the website and its users. They have the resources - people, premises and knowhow - to give it the healthy dose of vitamins and develop it into what I always wanted to see - and a whole lot more, it seems.

Over the past few years, they have built up scale and logistics on their own website to bring costs down on new mobility aids and disability equipment. Like everyone using DG, they understand that so much equipment is specialist and expensive. It's time for the UK to have a reliable one-stop shop for second-hand and refurbished items. From their base in the North West, they are able to take in stock, refurbish to high standards and offer it for re-sale (delivery no problem). And none of this will affect our individual users who can continue to sell their own items free of charge. It just means there will be more options available for everyone.

They have a dedicated customer service team who can offer service and consistency, unlike me, trying to handle all calls and emails between the rest of my work/life balance.

Change won't happen immediately, as we're just planning how things will best work before we begin to implement improvements. Improvement also means the user-experience and appearance of the website. In other words, we're breathing new life into this worthy stalwart of the disability sector.

This site is FREE to use, no matter the value of the item being sold. It will put buyers and sellers in direct contact, and should make a big difference to anyone needing to buy or dispose of specialist equipment. You could be disabled, elderly, mobility-restricted, or a fit active amputee looking for a piece of specialist sports equipment. PLEASE PASS THIS WEBSITE ON and use it for your own benefit, as well as all the other users.

Best wishes


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